2014 Rose Parade presented by Honda

Dreams Come True

Float Entry


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Float Sponsor Company or Organization:  
City of Glendale, CA
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Float Builder Company: Phoenix Decorating Company
Float Theme : Let's Be Neighbors
How/Why Theme Was Chosen:  
In recognition of the fact that Glendale has more than 5,000 acres of natural open space, and is an outdoor recreation destination for all of Southern California, the City’s 2014 float, “Let’s Be Neighbors”, portrays some of the more widely seen members of the wild animal community who call Glendale their home.
How Float Theme Relates to Parade Theme:  
The float suggests that it is not only desirable, but possible, for all those who live on the wildland urban interface (the place where urban development meets natural open space) to live together in harmony. This reflects the Rose Parade’s 2014 theme of “Dreams Come True” as the float dreams of the day when all the area’s residents - people and wildlife alike - can all get along together.
Number of Years in Rose Parade:  
Float Award Received Last Year:  
2013 Governor's Trophy for Best Depiction of Life in California
Float Designer's Name: Michelle Lofthouse
Float Concept Description:  
Featured on the float are several of Glendale’s noted native inhabitants including the California Mule Deer, Red Tailed Hawk, Coyote, North American Raccoon, Striped Skunk, Western Gray Squirrel, American Goldfinch and, of course, the California Black Bear – in this case represented by Glendale’s most famous wildlife resident, “Meatball the Bear.”
Construction Height: 25
Construction Width: 18
Construction Length: 35
Flowers and Dry Materials Used for Decorating:  
SIGN “Glendale Wilderness Park” Letters – brown whole lentils; background and backs – tan fine walnut shell; edges – light tan paper bark; post – reddish brown redwood bark; top of post – tan fine walnut shell; BENCHES – black onion powder: WALKWAY – tan coarse walnut shell; green sides – dark green parsley flakes FRONT FLORAL ARCH Big flowers (petals) – yellow fine cut strawflower; (center) black beans; (stems) green ground parsley flakes; GREEN FOAM (arch) green springeri, bright yellow roses, yellow tulips, yellow gerberas, sunbright yellow sunflowers, peach roses; trunk – dark brown flax seed; swing – dark brown flax seed; seat – light tan paper bark; Squirrel (eyes) – black seaweed and white powdered rice; (body) light tan uva grass and crème pampas grass; Bird (eyes) black seaweed and white powdered rice; (head) black seaweed and yellow carnation petals; (beak) pace orange fine ground lentil seed; (body) yellow carnation petals, red carnation petals; (wings, tops) red carnation petals, white carnation petals, yellow carnation petals; (tail) white carnation petals; (underneath) white fine cut strawflower; (legs) yellow fine cut strawflower; Skunk (eyes) black seaweed, white powdered rice, bronze fine cut strawflower; (eyeliner) black onion powder; (body) grey/black buffalo grass, creme pampas grass; Trash can – dark grey poppy seed, shiny grey silverleaf; inside lid – light grey lettuce seed; inside can – dark grey dark lettuce; Ladybug on trash can (eyes and mouth) black onion powder; (head and body) yellow, red and bronze fine cut strawflower; think black lines – black onion powder; spots – black beans; Spider – black onion powder BEAR Eyes - black seaweed and white powdered rice; around eyes – tan uva grass; nose – black seaweed; lip line – black onion powder; inside mouth – pink and red fine cut strawflower; teeth – white powdered rice; body – dark brown palm fiber, tan uva grass, red corn silk RACOON Eyes – black seaweed, white powdered rice, bronze fine cut strawflower; eyeliners – black onion powder; around eyes – onion powder into buffalo grass; nose – black seaweed and powdered white rice; mouth – black onion powder; ears (outside) white fine cut everlasting; (insides) dark grey poppy seed, black onion seed; Face and body – crème pampas grass, grey/green buffalo grass, black hyacinth root DEER Antlers – dark brown coffee; eyes – black seaweed, bronze fine cut strawflower, white powdered rice; around eyes – white powdered rice, dark grey poppy seed; nose – black seaweed, white powdered rice, white fine cut everlasting, white/crème fine cut everlasting; mouth line – black onion powder; inside ears – white fine cut strawflower, light tan uva grass; head, body & legs – brown chopped palm fiber, bronze fine cut strawflower, pampas grass; hooves – brown palm bark FOX Eyes – black seaweed, white powdered rice, yellow fine cut strawflower; eyeliner – black onion powder, reddish/brown spices; around eyes – reddish/brown spices; ears (insides) light grey lettuce seed, dark grey lettuce seed, white fine cut strawflower, bronze fine cut strawflower; (outside) dark grey buffalo grass, light tan uva grass, crème and white pampas grass; nose – black seaweed; lipline – black onion powder; inside mouth – red fine cut strawflower, black ground onion seed, white fine ground rice; head – grey/black buffalo grass, bronze fine cut strawflower, crème pampas grass; body, tail & legs – dark grey buffalo grass, light tan uva grass, creame and white pampas grass TREE Trunk – light tan fine walnut shell, light grey lettuce seed; Pods (tops) – green Christmas tree, white roses, white cattleyas, light pink roses, pink roses, light orange roses, peach roses; bottoms – green Christmas tree HAWK Head (eyes) black seaweed and white powdered rice; body – brown palm bark; tips – brown palm bark with fiber, crème corn husks, gold/brown uva grass, peach/brown pampas grass DECK Green sod; Tall grass – green flax leaves, green aspidistra leaves; accents – tall brown fox red curly sedge; low grass – green bear grass REAL TREES (2) Cypress trees approximately 3-4 feet tall DECKS Yellow - green springeri, bright yellow roses, yellow tulips, light yellow gerberas, yellow daffodils Pink – green springeri, light pink roses, pink roses, pink gerberas, light pink gerberas Peach – green springeri, peach roses, orange roses, light orange gerberas, medium orange gerberas FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS Front walkway – green deflexis, yellow daffodils, yellow tulips, yellow starburst mums, yellow Shasta daisies, green leather fern Front of float – green deflexis, green leather fern, yellow freesia, yellow starburst mums, white button mums Front off camera – green deflexis, green bells of Ireland, small yellow sunflowers, white queen anne lace, white tulips, white delphiniums Around trash can – grey Spanish moss, natural grey curly willow, pink calla lilies, grey/green small eucalyptus, pink roses, white larkspur In front of screens – green deflexis, white gladiolas, green flax leaves, bright yellow roses, white starburst mums, green bells of Ireland, yellow calla lilies Around tree trunk base – green deflexis, green bells of Ireland, green gladiolas, yellow eremerus, natural dry salt cedar, white stock, orange and yellow freesia Off camera behind deer – green deflexis, green leather fern, pink freesia, white starburst mums, white button mums Rear of float, near coyote – green deflexis, green leather fern, yellow freesia, yellow starburst mums, yellow button mums
Estimated Number of Flowers Used (by type):  
Unique or Unusual Use of Decorating Materials:  
Description of Float Animation:  
Construction or Mechanical Innovations:  
Rider Names: TBD-By Glendale
Outwalker Names: N/A
Company/Organization Information:  
The City of Glendale, California, is a municipal governmental agency providing city services to its residents and business community.
Additional Information of Interest to the Public:  
Riders on the float are dressed to represent Glendale residents and all those who enjoy Glendale’s Great Outdoors including a hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, bird watchers, dog walkers, nature photographers, and Trail Safety Patrol volunteers. With so many outdoor activities available in Glendale, the float further acknowledges that the city is one of Southern California’s premier destinations for active recreation and family fun. And, of course, access to open space and outdoor recreation enhances the quality of life for all those who live in Glendale as well. The float is decorated entirely by dedicated volunteers from the City of Glendale.